Fix Loud Fan Win10 Dell Notebook

My Dell notebook was making very loud fan noises as soon as it was connected to the dock. I already suspected the windows powerplan ...

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Fix Loud Fan Win10 Dell Notebook

My Dell notebook was making very loud fan noises as soon as it was connected to the dock. I already suspected the windows powerplan settings from the start, but MS decided to clear ...

In Development, Documentation, PowerShell, Fan, Windows 10, Oct 13, 2023

Merging dictionaries within powershell

I needed to join dictionaries from within a list together, so that they become one whole dictionary. First I thought it may be a trivial task. Than I used google and realized, that ...

In Development, Documentation, PowerShell, Sep 01, 2020

Odd dream

Had a very odd dream today. Was out with my dad, were going to fetch something from the store and while on the way I demanded him to go to a small amusement park. When going throug...

In Story, Dream, Aug 08, 2020

Twitter hack lessons learned

I'm not an twitter employee, but the recent "twitter hack" has shown some valuable lessons that everybody can learn from it. It is funny (and shocking) to read about how bad twit...

In Uncategorized, Aug 05, 2020

Oneline backup

tar -PcJf - /home | pv -s $(du -sb /home/user | awk '{print $?}') | xz -z -T0 -1 - > /mnt/backupTarget/home.tar.xz

In Administration, Linux, Apr 28, 2020

MSSQL on kubernetes (non azure)

Copy the code below into a file named mssql.yaml Apply the deployment file to your kubernetes cluster using:sed -i s/TXlDMG05bCZ4UEBzc3cwcmQ=/$(pwgen -s 120 1 | base64 -w 0)/...

In Administration, Linux, SQL, k8s, Mar 14, 2020

shadow compile error

when compiling shadow there is an error in the cross linux from scratch documentation. instead of echo "#define ENABLE_SUBUIDS 1" >> config.h one has to run echo "#defi...

In Development, Feb 04, 2020

gcc compile error

when compiling gcc 4.8 for cross linux from scratch it throws this error: gcc-4.8.2/gcc/doc/gcc.texi:88: warning: @tex should only appear at the beginning of a line gcc-4.8.2/gcc/...

In Development, Feb 04, 2020

ncurses5.9 compile error

When building cross linux from scratch ncurses 5.9 does fail to compile with: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../ncurses -I. -D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG -I. -I../include -I/foo/include/ncurses ...

In Development, Feb 04, 2020

m4 1.4.17 fails to compile

While following the cross linux from scratch instructions over here I ran into this issue: freadahead.c: In function 'freadahead': freadahead.c:91:3:error: #error "Please port gnu...

In Development, Linux, Feb 04, 2020

Compile Linux Kernel for UBNT UNIFI

Download Cavium Open Source Distributions Octeaon SDK Former: ...

In Uncategorized, Feb 02, 2020

Wordpress nginx config

server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; root "/var/www/vHOST"; server_name vHOST; index index.html index.php; client_max_body_size 2G; rewrite ^/wp-json/.*$ index.php$uri last; ...

In Administration, Documentation, Webserver, WordPress, nginx, May 04, 2019

Profiling Python

In Development, Python, May 04, 2019

Install Selenium

Install Selenium: function Install-PSArchive { param() $null = Install-PackageProvider -Name PowerShellGet -Force -Scope CurrentUser Install-Module -Name 'Microsoft.PowerShell.Ar...

In Administration, Development, PowerShell, Security, Webserver, Dec 19, 2018

Bypass chrome tls security checks

Normally things like invalid certificates throw an error within google chrome, and if the page has HSTS in place, there is no way to bypass that error. For normal users this is a goo...

In Administration, Development, Security, Webserver, Dec 19, 2018

Windows protocols

Technical Documents All pdf protocol documentations Name: Size: 595648189 Bytes (568 MB) SHA256: 35E049A3AE9C6A32B1E3446018C0DFA916E18EADF319D97567F6CB7FE6...

In Development, Documentation, Oct 26, 2018

Using Amazon Windows Images

If you tried to use some windows images on aws, you may have noticed, that they have no password specified. In fact, there agent fails to set one. I've tried multiple ways to reset t...

In Administration, System recovery, Jul 16, 2018

Add chapters to mp4

Get the frame rate of your source video (assuming you have 30fps and the video is called input.mp4 for later steps) Calculate Timebase value Timestamp fps*1000 =...

In Video editing, May 26, 2018

Hacking an SQL-Server

Basically if you're admin you own everything. So how would you access an SQL-Server if you don't have SQL-Permissions but you're administrator on the system the SQL-server is running...

In Administration, Security, System recovery, Dec 06, 2017

MMC and ServerManager is dead

This year on the Microsoft Ignite conference Microsoft announced the modern replacement for MMC and ServerManager. It is called Honolulu:

In General, Oct 07, 2017

Encrypted LVM remote unlock

Sometimes you want to have a strong Disk encryption but be still able to unlock it remotely. Sure, this is a compromise between security and usability, but here is what I come up wit...

In Administration, Linux, LVM, Security, Jul 24, 2017

Install a VMWare ESXi 6.0 Hypervisor in a Hyper-V VM

Commenting on my journey on:Recently I’ve been playing around with the new Hyper-V Nested Virtualization feature within Windows 10 (build 10565 and greater) and Windows Server 2...

In General, Dec 20, 2016

iptables to rsyslog

Log all dropped connections to syslogiptables -N LOGGINGiptables -A INPUT -j LOGGINGiptables -A OUTPUT -j LOGGINGiptables -j LOG --log-prefix "iptables: "iptables -A LOGGING -j DROPch...

In Administration, Linux, Security, Dec 17, 2016

netstat for Powershell

If you cannot use "Get-NetTCPConnection" here is the same using the good old "netstat -a" ;-) netstat -a | Select-Object -Skip 3 | ForEach-Object {$_ -replace '\s+', ' '} | ForEa...

In Administration, PowerShell, Sep 24, 2016

Microsoft Best Practices for Securing Active Directory

In Administration, Documentation, Security, Sep 02, 2016