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Odd dream

agowa338 agowa338 Aug 08, 2020 · 3 mins read
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Had a very odd dream today.

Was out with my dad, were going to fetch something from the store and while on the way I demanded him to go to a small amusement park.
When going through the park there was someone selling candy.
There was a sign that said it costs 4€, than I urged him to buy me an chocolate apple.
The seller than said something about it costing two rails. I was a confused and replied "what rails the sign says 4€"
The seller than said that's just the first line of the sign. I said "Then no. I don't want it then. I just wanted to try it because I never had one before."
He replied in a sketchy way "well than I give you the first one for free."
I was irritated by how he said that and said to my dad "could you taste it first?"
The seller was not quite happy about that and wanted to convince me to try it myself instead. But this just raised my scepticism.
Than after my dad took the first bite the seller said "bite here in the middle right at the stick" seamingly not wanting him to bite somewhere at random.
Now also he was a bit suspicious but took a few bites anyway.
After that he become disorientated and childish a bit. I asked the seller "LSD?"
He confirmed.
I started to navigate my dad outside. While doing that I said "Come we're going home and no you don't drive".
*Some random places while passing through doors on the way outside*
*Some conversation with my dad as he started to loose attention on what we're doing and demanding we did something other (behaving like a child)*
Finally we went a few block through the city until we arrived at a bus station.
There were two taxis many cars on the road and a bus.
I went with him to the first taxi, but halfway there I noticed that there were already passengers in it. So i wanted to go to the next one parking a few meters in the other direction on the corner (we went diagonally over the bus station). Some other people looked like they're approaching the taxi. We went faster. Than as we nearly reached the taxi I started to notice that it was not a taxi but a shuttle for some company. We stopped and stumbled a few steps backwards (while standing on the driveway of the bus station we were going to cross diagonally). Some cares drove by very close while honking at us. Someone had to sidestep us and jelled out of the window. Than a taxi stopped close to us on the road I asked if it was free. The driver (female) said yes. I opened the co-driver door navigated my dad quickly into it closed it and took a seed in the back.
My dad started to patter. The taxi driver was seemingly confused and considering throwing us out.
I said "We need you to drive us home, some candy dealer gave my dad LSD"
She looked like she doesn't quite believe the story of my dad being tricked into consuming LSD, but she didn't look like she was going to throw us out either.
Then she started the car and drove us home.
While she drove us home I was making thought about what I was doing next and what I told my mother about it.

The first part "Was out with my dad" is just a replacement as I don't remember how it started. I just remember that there were two events with equal length. The first one was in an open-air swimming pool and the 2nd one was in some hotel (that had roms without bathrooms for some reason)...
I also know that I don't remember duzends of dialogs and details about how the rooms and places looked like.
This event never happened in this or any similar way. Also my dad never had LSD.

Written by agowa338